Women's Underwear Style Guide by amante

Women's Underwear Style Guide by amante



Table of Contents

  1. How to choose the right underwear
  2. Different style of underwear for women
    1. Bikini briefs
    2. Hipsters
    3. Boy Shorts
    4. Thong
    5. Lace
    6. Brazilian
    7. Seamless
    8. Panty Pack
  3. Fabrics used in women’s underwear
  4. Underwear by body type
  5. Underwear for different activities
  6. Women’s underwear sizes
  7. Comfort & hygiene tips
  8. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  9. Buying womens underwear on amante


The most functional must-have in any woman’s wardrobe is a good set of underwear. Panties are one of the few items of clothing that are not only practical but has the capacity to make you look and feel confident. Whether it be the cut, the style, fabric or design, picking the best underwear for varying occasions is important and fun, too! It’s some of the most replaced items in your wardrobe and wearing a comfy panty can be significantly glorious!

The best kind of underwear is one you don’t even notice you’re wearing regardless of the activity you take part in. With that in mind, we’ve put together a comprehensive underwear style guide to ensure you pick the right underwear, every time!

How to Choose the Right Underwear

Simply because underwear is the most close-to-skin garment you’d wear under all your clothing, some may think that it is the least important aspect of an outfit to think about. On the contrary, wearing the right underwear is the backbone to any outfit and it is key to ensure that it is appropriate in whatever activity you do. It is important to note that different types of panties serve different purposes, whether that be outdoor activities like running or formal occasions such as an annual dinner dance. Only a very few things are more uncomfortable than an ill-fitting panty, and we’re here to guide you to pick the perfect underwear for the occasion.

In picking the right underwear, keep in mind the activity. Different activities have specific requirements and thus choosing the right panty changes accordingly. Furthermore, the comfort of underwear is dependent on what is worn over it, as well. These two factors are key in choosing the right panty for yourself. For example, if you are hitting the gym with bodycon sports leggings, a bikini cut seamless panty might be your ideal choice! On the other hand, if you’re opting out for boyfriend jeans with a loose tee for a daily outing, comfy cotton breathable hipster panties would be a perfect choice!

Next, consider the fabric. As mentioned previously, know the different types of the fabrics (discussed later) to identify the most comfortable one for you. Whether that be spandex, cotton, nylon or lace, they all depend on what you find most comfortable and appropriate for the occasion.

Lastly, size matters. Don’t fool yourself into choosing an underwear size that is ill-fitting! The accurate true to size fit is important above all else to have guaranteed comfort!

Different Styles of Underwear for Women

It’s easy to get confused with the varying styles of underwear, however, it is important to note that all of them serve a specific purpose. Browse the list below for the most common styles of underwear for women to find the one (or many) that’s perfect for you!

Women’s bikini briefs - This is the most common type of underwear and it is mostly worn by women. This panty sits right at the hips, making it perfect for low rise jeans and other pants. The cut is quite modest – giving moderate coverage. Bikini panties come in cotton fabrics as well as spandex. Depending on the fabric, bikini panties can be comfortably worn with many outfits ranging from sportswear to everyday wear and formal events.

Hipsters – As the name suggests, hipster panties are designed with a hip-hugging waistline. They offer more coverage than bikini panties and modestly cover the behind. These panties are a great choice for anyone wearing low-rise pants. These panties also provide low leg cut holes.

Boys shorts – These panties are a revamped version of men’s boxer shorts for women. These panties sit at the hips with a low leg cut. Some boy short underwear extend up to the thigh for an elongated leg for all-day comfort. This underwear gives the most coverage across the area and is preferred to be worn to sleep or as loungewear due to its high coverage.

Thong – Thongs are a common find in many women’s wardrobes. Thong panties are a great option for body-fitted clothing to avoid showing any visible panty lines. Thong underwear is usually a preferred choice when there is a requirement for minimum fabric show-through. Thongs have very little coverage for the sole purpose of wearing under bodycon clothing.

Lace – Lace panties are sensual and sweet. They come in a variety of cuts: bikini, hipster, thong and more. Women opt for lace panties to add a touch of sensuality to their outfit. The seams are also softer, which makes it a great option for certain body fitted clothing. Lace panties are soft and stretchable, providing comfort to the wearer.

Brazilian – Brazilian panties provide more coverage than a thong but less than a bikini or hipster panty. This type of panty has a full crotch coverage however the back will vary depending on the brand. Brazilian panties are also a good option to when you want to show little panty lines as the cut is higher up.

Seamless – A holy grail for most women, seamless panties are the answer to almost any outfit. With no visible panty lines. Seamless panties can come varying cuts such as the thong panty, bikini or even hipster.


Panty pack – As the name suggests, panty packs are a set of panties that come in a pack. Usually, these packs contain a pair of panties, three or even five panties. Most often than not, these panties are comfy cotton bikini or hipster panties that are everyday panties.

Fabrics Used in Women’s Underwear

Women’s underwear is manufactured in a variety of materials for comfort and fit. Ranging from cotton to lace and spandex, each fabric design has its own benefits and use. Check out the list of fabrics below to find out about the best material for you!

  • Cotton – The most comfortable of options, cotton panties are almost every woman’s go-to panties. They are soft, breathable and a great choice to wear for long hours. The material is relatively inexpensive and is versatile in its use, whether it be to wear at the office, home or even to sleep!
  • Lace – Lace is considered the more sensual of options for panties. Soft, stretchable and alluring, lace panties are definitely great for any occasion! Lace fabric panties can have full-on lace or simply a trim!
  • Synthetic – Synthetic panties are a common fabric to find. With blends of synthetic, these are great option to wear under sportswear as they are moisture wicking and don’t sag like cotton panties. They hold form and sometimes even give a slimmer appearance
  • Silk – Silk panties are sensual, soft and give a barely-there appearance. It’s lightweight, traps heat within your body and feels soft against your skin. While this fabric is on the pricier side, it’s an occasion-worthy panty!

Underwear by Body Type

If you’re feeling a little confused as to the type of panty that’ll suit your body shape, fear not! We’ve got a list of the perfect panties for every body type!

  • Apple Shape – If you have a slightly lower tummy bulge and want to wear a gorgeous bodycon dress with a slimming appearance, opt for high waisted panties. More so, wearing spandex high waisted panties will slim your appearance and give a seamless look to your outfit! Say goodbye to bulges and hello to a confident you!
  • Athletic – If you have an athletic figure with a perky bottom, opt for high cut bikini panties. Not only are they comfortable (more so if you opt for cotton bikini panties) but they also show off your figure! Athletic women who have smaller curves can also choose to wear thongs as it doesn’t hinder the natural curves of the body like many other high coverage panties!
  • Mature – If you are a mature woman with less elasticity in your skin, opting for hipster panties or even high waisted panties is a good idea! It’ll keep your appearance slim and elongate your body!
  • Pear Shape – For bottom heavy women with a smaller upper body, opting for Brazilian cut panties is a good option. Brazilian panties won’t minimize the area too much to off balance your proportions but it will highlight the beautiful curves you have!

Underwear for Different Activities

With varying styles of underwear ranging from thongs to hipsters to bikinis and boyshort panties, it’s difficult to discern which panty to wear. Did you know, the panty you wear can change depending on the activity you’re taking part in? To feel the most comfort, knowing how different cuts of underwear can play a role in your daily tasks is important! With that in mind, here are some of the top daily activities of a woman and the best underwear to pair it with!

  • Underwear for running – The best underwear to wear while you go on a run is one that will wick moisture away. Harbouring moisture in your panty is a nest for bacteria and especially those who run long distance, having a panty that will absorb moisture away is important!
  • Underwear for hiking – Synthetic underwear is a good option for hikers! These not only reduce moisture absorption but also reduces odors!
  • Underwear for hot climates – As with the other activities mentioned above, synthetic and moisture-wicking panties are your best bet! Avoid cotton panties as they absorb moisture without quick drying as they will leave you feeling very uncomfortable.
  • Underwear for travelling – When you’re on the go, it’s difficult to carry tons of underwear. Opt for underwear that’s breathable, quick drying and comfortable. Opt for bikini or hipster cuts for a comfortable feel, but ensure that the fabric serves what you need as you travel!
  • Underwear for working out at gym & sports – Usually, you may find yourself wearing bodycon leggings and sports shorts. If you’re not a fan of panty lines, opt for seamless panties – not only are they invisible under your clothes, but if you choose a synthetic material, it will be quick drying!
  • Underwear for sensitive skin – Cotton underwear is the perfect choice for those with sensitive or easily irritable skin. Cotton is a breathable fabric that will air out your skin and offer the most comfort. Cotton is also a hypoallergenic material, which automatically makes it the perfect choice!
  • Underwear for yoga – As with sweatier workouts, opt for seamless panties to avoid any visible panty lines. Choose curve-hugging panties like hipsters to avoid any roll-ups or discomfort as you stretch and relax!
  • Women’s underwear for winter & cold climates – Thermal underwear will be your new best friend during colder climates. As they trap the heat internally, this type of underwear will keep you warm even on your coldest days!
  • Maternity underwear – Opt for stretchy underwear as it will mold to your curves if you experience any weight fluctuations. High waisted underwear is also a good option to provide a slimming appearance post-pregnancy.

Women’s Underwear Sizes

With a variety of styles and silhouettes, choosing the right size if one of the most important factors in finding the perfect fit. To ensure comfort and support, check out the size guide below and how to measure yourself!

how to measure yourself

Simply, measure the fullest part of your hip and use the following size chart to find your perfect match!

Pantie Sizing Guide

Pantie Size

Hip Size


23" - 24"


35" - 36"


37" - 38"


39" - 40"


41" - 42"



Comfort and Hygiene Tips

When buying underwear, it is important to consider a few comfort and hygiene tips to ensure that you can wear your underwear all day long without any worries.

  • Change Regularly – Believe it or not, while this is a standard (and rather obvious) tip, it is important to maintain top hygiene, especially near your crotch. If you work in sweaty climates, opt to change your underwear during the day to avoid infections and any discomfort.
  • Active Underwear – it is important to have a separate pile of underwear for when you’re partaking in activities such as running or working out. Opt for moisture wicking and quick drying fabrics for optimal comfort.
  • Be Cautious with Thongs – While thongs are a good option for when you’re wearing fitted clothing, be wary that due to its unique design and cut, it can transfer bacteria across your crotch area.
  • Let it Breathe – Wearing spandex or nylon panties all the time isn’t advisable. Instead, buy underwear that lets your crotch breathe. This will avoid any trapped heat and moisture in the panty. Buy the right size (not too tight) and switch between cotton materials and other fabrics.
  • Size Matters – Nothing is more uncomfortable than a bunched-up panty! Always ensure the perfect fit by finding the right size. Underwear can only stretch so much, so be cautious!
  • Durability – Unlike cotton or synthetic panties, lace panties are not very durable. Save the sensual panties for a special occasion and opt for more everyday fabrics!
  • Go for Granny – While none of us are really fond of the term ‘granny panties,’ these offer a great sense of comfort. Nowadays, granny panties aren’t ruffled high cut cotton briefs, but some of them come in varying designs. Opt for these panties once in a while to lounge or sleep in for comfort!
  • Choose Seamless – Every woman should own a pair of seamless underwear! Whether it be while you’re working out or wearing a formal outfit, the necessity of a seamless panty should never be forgotten!


Questions about underwear? We’ve got you covered (pun intended)! Check out our most frequently asked questions about underwear and find your answers without looking no further!

  1. How to fold underwear?

To keep the panties lasting long and organized, lay the panty facing upward. Fold the crotch section of the panty upward towards the waistline. Then fold the two sides inward facing the center of the panty. Then place with other folded panties in an enclosed drawer.

  1. How to wash underwear?

For panties to last longest, hand washing them is a good option or alternatively, wash them in a light load and tumble dry.

  1. How often should you change underwear?

Ideally, panties should only be worn one a day. It’s recommended to change your underwear even twice a day if you work in hot climates and experience any sweaty discomfort. Panties must be washed regularly to avoid infection spreads, as well.

  1. How often should you buy new underwear?

There is no hard and fast rule regarding the time period for when you should buy new underwear. Instead, look out for discoloration, permanent odors and loose stitching. These should give an indication that the underwear is worn out and if it is best to replace it!

  1. How many pairs of underwear should a woman own?

Once again, it’s difficult to quantify how many panties a woman must own. On average, a woman wears two underwear a day. This totals up to 14 underwear a week and if you do laundry once in every two weeks, having 28-30 panties is a good summation.

  1. How to size underwear?

Sizing is very important when it comes to choosing the right underwear. Check out the measuring tips above to pick the perfect underwear!

  1. How to keep underwear clean?

It’s important to keep underwear clean – especially for durability and hygiene. Check out the information above for details on cleaning and washing your underwear!

  1. How to measure underwear size?

It’s mandatory to find the right size for your underwear to optimize comfort and fit! Check out our sizing guide above for more details!

  1. How do you wash your underwear by hand?

If you wish to wash your underwear by hand, use a mild detergent and softly scrub the panty. Wash with normal tap water and hang it to dry or tumble dry it in a machine.

  1. Can you wash underwear in hot water?

It is recommended that underwear be washed with room temperature/normal tap water to avoid any color runs or fabric damage.

  1. Is it better to wash your clothes in or cold water?

Yes, there is no issue with washing clothes with cold water!

Buying Womens Underwear on amante

It’s incredibly simple to buy underwear online with amante! Simply follow the process below and check out with some of the comfiest underwear!

  1. Browse our range of panties varying from everyday comfort to soft and sensual: https://global.amantelingerie.com/collections/panties 
  2. Click on a product and select your size and color preferences
  3. Add the item to cart and continue to browse or simply press the checkout button
  4. Enter your shipping and billing address and continue to the next page
  5. Fill in your payment details (credit card or cash on delivery) and confirm your order!

To view an easy video tutorial on how to place an order online, check out this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7QLE06KJUPA 


The right underwear is a necessary foundation to anyone’s outfit. Whether that be simply lounging at home in comfort or wearing the right underwear for office, it’s important to choose the one that fits you the best. Selecting the right size, fit, color and style are all an important requirement! This style guide detailed out everything you need to know about womens underwear!


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