Working from Home safe and sound? So are we!

Working from Home safe and sound? So are we!

Hello there,

It’s day 14 in quarantine! Which means it’s been 336 hours since we have freely interacted with the outside world. In other words, 20,160 minutes since we met our best friend for coffee or took a long walk in the park. Yup, we’ve been counting, and we know you’ve been doing it too.

We hope these times of self-isolation and social distancing has proved to be fulfilling although we do understand as social creatures it is rather taxing to be confined to the perimeter of your homes.

The team at amanté feels the same. We are bouncing between working from home as responsible adults and binge-watching Game of Thrones with a chilled glass of wine.

Regardless of what we really feel like the team has been diligently keeping up with deadlines and exploring new ventures while we wait out the long winter (pun intended). So, we’ve decided to compile a little behind the scenes from our employees. Let’s look at what’s keeping us sane and what’s not.


Work from Home Spaces  

Yes, we’ve seen the long list of do’s and don’ts on how to create the perfect Work from Home space but let’s be realistic most of us have been either lounging on our beds or sprawling across the living room couch. And to the select few that created a workspace, props to you overachiever.   



Some of our colleagues have been lucky enough to work with a view. We see you; we envy you. 



To the rest of us its mostly about being surrounded by a few of our favorite things. Be it a potted plant or the luxury of having mum make your evening tea. 


We believe in efficiency so here’s a quick list of 10 useful points our team swears by:

  1. Communicate expectations with anyone who will be home with you.
  2. Take clear breaks.
  3. Prepare your meals the night before
  4. Pick a definitive finishing time each day 
  5. Get Started Early 
  6. Structure your day like you would in the office.
  7. Work when you're at your most productive.
  8. Plan out what you'll be working on ahead of time.
  9. Use technology to stay connected.
  10. Match your music to the task at hand.


Now for the Food  

While our workspaces are where we spend most of our days, we’ve also been pulling some serious weight in the kitchen. It’s safe to say that we are finding the right balance between work and passion. Here’s a quick peek at what’s been happening. 

Fresh breakfast bowls 

Cake toasties from our talented in-house home baker Ru&Co.


And we absolutely needed to jump on the Dalgona coffee trend. 

Work from Home – Outfits

Yes, while a few of us have been in PJs all day (throwing a t-shirt for the conference call), others have added a touch of style to their daily outfits if for no other reason than just sanity! 

Some of us like to add a pop of colour and keep it classy…

The rest of us enjoy getting into our a-life gear for the perfect work from home outfit. 


We definitely aren’t forgetting all our colleagues, who enjoy pairing a tee with the perfect pair of shorts. Keeping it casual and practical in this sweltering heat. 


Why are the hoomans still at home? 

Our fur-buddies have been ecstatic if not a little confused as to why we have been spending so much time at home. We are still trying to figure out how much they are willing to put up with us. Here are a few of our buddies keeping us company through it all.  


Meet Chester, he’s such a good boy. He believes that #workfromhome is the new normal but needs a nap after every conference call. Just look at those eyes.

Meet Django. Here’s our very own stud muffin. Django insists that his amanté hooman should maintain her style quotient even if they #workfromhome. Flaunt that bow tie and keep out of trouble.   


Meet Sampath. Our resident reptilian. On his good days, he works part-time with the TMNT on his off days he likes to chill on a laptop while his owner crunches numbers and stresses over delivery dates. 


And our human babies are just happy to spend more time with mum and dad. Or just take a well-timed nap during an important conference call. 

We live in a difficult yet defining time. We know this situation is as new to us as it is to you and we are trying our best to adapt to the times. Our main goal should be to get to the other side of this with the physical and mental health of ourselves and our loved ones intact.  While we find our way through this day-by-day, remember to be kind to yourselves and to those around you, to love fiercely and never take anything for granted!

Stay safe and Stay Indoors.

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