Women Go Beyond

With an unparalleled vision to foster holistic equality for the women both in their workplace and community, MAS Holdings launched the Women Go Beyond (WGB) Program in 2003. With over 70% of the MAS workforce female, promoting a safe and secure environment has been a key goal for the company.

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WGB stands on four core pillars: Career Advancement, Skills Development, Work-Life Balance, and Rewarding Excellence. These four areas cover a plethora of topics from financial management to reproductive health and family planning to strengthen alternate skill sets aside from their work in the apparel industry. Such well-rounded support has built a foundation for the women of MAS to go beyond their jobs – it has encouraged each individual to pursue more than the restrictions of a job title. These programs are extended across all levels of the workforce, from machine operators at the factory level to sales consultants. They are all part of the ecosystem to help uplift their lives and their communities.

amante Women Go Beyond

In line with the WGB Program, amanté has sought out to personify this movement and promoted a variety of activities, events, and sessions to garner awareness:

  • Women’s Day: Breast cancer awareness session to all Sales Consultants. The session included a cancer patient as well as Cancer Hospital Doctor on the panel of speakers.
  • Awareness Session on Domestic Violence: The discussion included prevention, legal action, and other related advice for women to be more aware and educated on the reality and gravity of this topic.
  • Family Planning: Educating women on health-related protection, family management, etc

The sessions cover far more than educational initiations, but rather events that encourage other aptitudes of women. Events such as Abinandhani seek to foster talents ranging from dancing to singing, and other musical competencies.

The future looks bright for the WGB Program at amanté. The program will be promoting IT and English classes for the Sales Consultants to encourage skills that will not only enhance their work competencies but also to gain practical capabilities. These classes will be initiated alongside the current programs to educate the women in the areas mentioned above.
amante Women Go Beyond

In extending its social empowerment, amanté Online has partnered with Emerge Global to continue to promote a holistic development for women. Emerge Global is a center for underprivileged women who have experienced a traumatic reality to find their voice and confidence to be reintegrated into society. The program encourages these girls to partake in educational life-skills programs fostering sufficient skills and financial backings to start their own lives as well as to help their communities. More of the collaboration between amanté Online and Emerge Global can be found here.