Picking Bras For Teenagers

Picking Bras For Teenagers

The Formative Years: Teenager's Bra 

The absolute best part of every teenage girl's day is getting dressed and feeling their absolute best! Yes, fashion and style play a big role in your wardrobe but what’s most important is having the perfect bra. It not only gives you comfort and confidence but also transforms your outfit with a great silhouette. Feel free when you run around through school and college or hop into dance lessons followed by basketball sessions. A proper well-fitted bra makes a world of difference. 
An example of this kind of bra would be one that's crafted from soft cotton and elastane fabrics. The choice of these fabrics would help provide a perfect balance of comfort and support. With its padded and non-wired construction, this teen bra  ensures a snug and natural fit allowing you to feel at ease throughout the day. 
The journey of buying the perfect bra for teenagers can be confusing at first, but with this guide, you’ll sail through the entire journey with ease.
Teenage model wearing white bra

Why do Teenagers need a bra? 

Wearing a bra is essential as bras provide coverage, support and grip to the tender bust tissue and help with development and growth. To avoid sagging and displacement of bust tissue during puberty and formative years when the body is undergoing hormonal changes, it becomes critical to start wearing a bra. Plus, bras provide a snug fit under clothes and help you feel comfortable going about your day. 

What’s the ideal age to start wearing a bra? 

Breast development is unique to every girl. Measurable breast development can start in girls as young as 8 years old. It is also common for girls to develop later, and only need a bra at the age of 14. Each girl’s experience will be different. Some start to develop a little early and some, a little later. Each journey is unique and beautiful in its own way. 

Side view of teenage model wearing white bra

How do I find my size? 

At its core, your bra size is just short for the relationship between your rib cage measurement (the band) and your bust measurement (the cup). There are two ways to find out your bra size: one, is to visit any amanté exclusive store, our fit experts will help you find perfect size for you. Or, you can fit yourself at home using a measuring tape and our SIZE CHART on amante.lk 

To sum it up, helping a teenager find the ideal bra involves considering size and comfort. This decision contributes not only to physical comfort but also to your self-confidence. From school days to outings with friends, the right bra can support you in more ways than one. By making informed choices, we empower teenagers to feel confident and comfortable, allowing you'll to step into the world with a positive self-image.

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