About Us


With a vision to be the leading premium lingerie brand in the Asian region, amanté promises to offer fashion, comfort and value in the right measure to the Asian woman. amanté believes that a fashionable and confident woman deserves a product that is modeled to fit her silhouette and made to suit her surroundings. 



Extensive research on the Asian market allowed amanté to identify the needs of the Asian woman and the brand was tailor-made to perfectly fit their unique contour, style and silhouette.  

Passionate and uncompromising with its brand experience, amanté provides value to its consumers not only in product and service offerings but also by practicing and promoting sustainable business ethics at all times. Maintaining brand integrity through its products, processes, and people, the brand stands to emphasize on a personality that benefits the consumers emotionally and connects with their needs.



amanté’s product portfolio includes daily and fashion lingerie, sports bras, swimwear, and sleepwear.