Fabric Care

Tips to keep your lingerie in tip top condition

  • Always read and follow the care instructions on the label.
  • Hand wash any bra with an underwire, as wires can be bent or damaged when machine washed.
  • Wash darker colours separately.
  • Use the washing label to peg your lingerie to the line, thereby minimizing any snagging of delicate fabrics and laces.
  • Washing your lingerie frequently minimizes the risk of marks from perspiration, perfumes and lotions.
  • Use a lingerie wash bag (or a pillow case) when washing any type lingerie in a machine.
  • Don’t exceed the recommended temperature.
  • Dry lingerie away from direct heat such as radiators, fires and even hot sunshine as they may discolour.
  • Do not tumble dry the lingerie unless the care label provides specific instructions.


Machine Wash, Cold.

Water temperature should not exceed 30C or 65 to 85F.

Machine Wash, Gentle cycle.

The garment may be machine laundered only on the setting designed for gentle agitation and/or reduced time for delicate items.

Hand Wash.

The garment may be laundered through the use of water, detergent or soap and gentle hand manipulation.

Tumble Dry, Gentle. 

A machine dryer may be regularly used only at the Gentle setting. ONLY if required. 

Do Not Tumble Dry.

A machine dryer may not be used. Usually accompanied by an alternate drying method symbol.

Line Dry.

Hang damp garment from line or bar, inside or outdoors. Avoid direct sunlight.

Dry Flat.

Lay out horizontally for drying.

Do Not Wring or twist.

Do Not Iron.
Item may not be smoothed or finished with an iron.